1. The sad part is that she looked hotter before the Frankinsizing. The hottest part would be if instead of Spencer it were that “roommate” they kept for a while the guy banging Heidi. The more probable is a threesome, but the BI-kind instead of the DP-kind…

  2. Signed Everyone

    Pre or post surgery? This effects my reaction to this news.

  3. Bruce Willis

    I don’t know if I can take it.

  4. burton

    looks tranny-ish , she so doesnt have feminine features :(

  5. I think I just threw up in my mouth. Wait. Yeah. I did. Chicken? When did I have chicken?

  6. Hugh Gentry

    call me sick, but I’d love to see her taking a cock. Those tits must look great mid-coitus.

  7. JOffrey

    She looks old, far older then she should

  8. Obvious

    Girls that indulge in that much cosmetic surgery have mental issues.

  9. Jester

    OMFG I can”t wait. I don;t give a shit what your D-Bags think of Heidi, this girl is HOT HOT HOT. I knew porn was next, I knew it. I guarantee you this chick doesn’t have meat curtains like Shauna, Drops pants around ankles in preparation………………………….

  10. I dunno. She’s a little skinny (and air-headed) for my taste, but gawd-DAMN she’s got some SWEET upper legs on her. And that ASS…whew…

  11. Marcus

    I want to see Heidi naked.. Wonder if her boobs move at all and does she bleach her crotch..? These are the questions I think can be answered while viewing the video.

  12. mcfeely smackup

    Sure, Heidi looks like a plastic barbi doll, but I’d still like to watch her get boned. However, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to see Spencer naked, even as the cost of entry to see Heidi. It’s all wrong.

  13. Ned

    She is such a pig. If she was naked on her knees in front of me, I wouldn’t let her…

  14. Lissa

    I feel so sorry for this girl. She was so very pretty before this surgery, I even thought she was prettier than Lauren. Now, so very hideous. Huge jawline , cheekbones like a 24 year old quarterback. She looks like a fricken man with balloons on her chest. The pathetic thing is, I think she had insecurities prior to Spencer, but I think he convinced her she wasn’t good enough..and she listened to a total obvious meth head. Really pathetic, she can’t take it back, and I feel for her.

  15. Heidi has done so much cosmetic work, at such great expense it would be a shame to let all that go to waste. I’d drill my schlong into those engorged fish lips of hers until I heard her gag reaction. I’d flip her over and then pound my schlong into her dirt tunnel, ( I hear from good authority that Heidi likes it up the poopchute… ). The only problem is, she is so plastic, it would be like bouncing on a Suzy Blow-up doll with three avaliable orifices. I would still ream all three of her mosit wet openings until she lay there gaspng and whimpering. Heidi, call me. You’ll enjoy it.

  16. kaili

    She was beautiful! Just was!

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