1. Anthony

    The free limo ride seals the deal

  2. Alexggb

    I almost feel sorry for her, but I don’t. Such a fame whore.. Now she’s just a whore.

  3. fuckface

    I am pretty sure Jesus would approve.

  4. Appearing at a strip club to perform fully clothed shows a significant disconnect with the value the public places on her as a human being. Hint: It’s zero. take your fucking clothes off.

    • Back in my day, strippers took off their clothes, and shook their teats around, and you gave them dollars! Ah, the good old days.

      • I saw a stripper at a club called “Saigon Passion” in the Chinatown district of Honolulu once. She danced fully nude for 3 songs before lying on her back and locking her ankles behind her ears.

        Then without warning, a pingpong ball launched from her gooey snatch and hit the guy next to me in the forehead. For an instant…just a split second…it stuck, hung suspended by skanky vag butter as the men surrounding the stage stared in horror with gaping mouths.

        Then the ball fell into his beer and the fellow laughed and drank it. Even the stripper looked at him like “dude, you saw where that was…right?”

      • BTW, that is a true story.

      • McFeely, I love you, so don’t take my simultaneous cry-vomiting as any sort of a slam.

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