1. Ashley

    She looks so utterly sad and empty. She’s beautiful. I feel like I just want to hug and tickle her until you laughed and cried. Seriously, she looks so hollow. Looks aside, that girl needs a hug. A genuine hug.

  2. t

    I agree, girl needs a real hug ASAP. I’d still totally bone her, but put in some cuddling time afterwards. Best of both world.

  3. Jen

    that’s so generous of you, t.

  4. Jen

    and if i was a dude, i would bone the shit out of her too.

  5. Brody Jenner

    thats just her “oh no, spencer thinks we’re skinny dipping” look, I mean c’mon you’d do the same if your “husbands” dick looked like a stick of chalk…

  6. Damn, she’s making me prone to forgiveness again. I’m a pathetic man-slut.

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