1. Brooke

    I think I liked her better with the metly nose tape on.

  2. jodie

    please sort the roots out heidi, ewwww

  3. shavederic

    I imagine that what she would look like if she were grabbing my cock

  4. jc

    Say whatever else you will, but this girl is smokin’ hot…..

  5. Bored with life

    I’d reopen her breast surgery incisions and then fuck the shit out of her gaping holes…

  6. Id

    Is she coloring her hair at home? Awful, one-dimensional blonde. That’s not even mentioning the roots.

    I bet Heidi was the prettiest girl in the trailer park.

  7. IKE

    I definitely like this Heidi more than the plastic one.
    I even like the roots showing. She looks human now.

  8. nye

    Dear Heidi,

    Please don’t get a breast reduction.


    Every man in America, nay… the world.

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