1. joe

    Tits on a stick.

    • Jessesgirl

      Chubby chaser alert alert alert!

      And I think Heidi got herself another nosejob revision. That thing’s gonna fall off soon.

  2. noodles

    I’d pound her ’til her ears bled.

  3. danny

    @joe, what you got against tits-on-a-stick? I think she’s pretty all right.

  4. I Doubt It

    That girl rocks with out makeup. She looks great like this.

    Heidi, cut out the makeup, you are a natural beauty. Were before the surgery too.

  5. eRich

    off the hook!

  6. temp

    seriously, why does she put on all that makeup? she looks REALLY good without it, and that’s saying a lot.

    • Umm...Hello!?

      +1!! I was just thinking the same thing, only I think she looks WAY better in the pics above (minus the nose band-aid of course) than in most other pics of her!

  7. shavederic

    Money shot! Oops. Got a little on me.

  8. andy7171

    You guys are idiots. Have you ever seen a lifeguard with blue zinc oxide on their nose? Did you think they were freaks with blue noses? WTF!?!

    She looks much better without makeup on. And her body is almost flawless.

  9. sol

    what happened to her nose??? looks like michael jackson! (except she is already white!)

  10. gerwen

    You’ve got something on your nose there dear.

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