1. Id

    Oh hell no. WHO IS HER DOCTOR?
    He sux.

  2. burton

    she has wider hips than my wife and she had 3

  3. therapper

    Hard to believe anyone actually thinks this vapid bitch looks good anymore is beyond me. Yes, if she laid it down in front of me I would hit that snatch like Babe Ruth, but other than a quick fuck, she’s worthless trash. Pussy is pussy after all…

  4. kadig

    She wears to protect her nose she is afraid it will fall off

  5. kadig

    At least that is what I read

  6. shavederic

    I’d decorate my birthday cake with her pubic hair.

  7. Ass looked way better before the nip ‘n tuck, but I’d still give it a hard tissue inner massage.

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