1. emmaleigh

    OMG SHE CAN SMILE AGAIN! She looks way better…did she reduce her boob size? but yeah, doesn’t look as much like a plastic monster. Thank goodness for her that the swelling has gone down.

    • Siloporcen7

      Agreed. Her boobs look smaller, but that is a good thing. Her face looks like her real self almost

  2. butters

    Still a butterface!

  3. KC

    Ed: “The ball, her boobs, her ego.”
    Carnac: “Name everything in this picture that is over inflated.

  4. Kelley

    In photo 4, do I detect some loose, saggy skin around the right of the vag area ? *gasp*

  5. maeby

    She looked better with the cheek implants still in.

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