1. butters

    Still a butterface!

  2. From Obscurity

    Not in picture: Inscription on bottle – “Bimbo says whaaa..?”

  3. Even though she is the dumbest fakest person in Hollywood next to the wax dolls..she has an amazing body >:-( no fair!

  4. asdasdasd

    She is a living sculpture. Almost too literally. But there is no denying that from the neck down the surgeons have done a pretty much perfect job.

  5. Raerae

    Her owner, I mean husband, must be so proud.

  6. jkjk

    Her body is close to perfection; however, there is no plastic surgeon who will be able to fix her face. I concur with butters.. she is a butterface.

  7. Daniella

    I actually think she looks better than I’ve ever seen her look. I suppose that’s not saying much, but really, her body finally looks fairly real, and really very good. More proportional overall – beautiful, even.

  8. BabygirljeR

    Nice stomach. But…… HER HAIR!!!!!!!!!

  9. cheeri-o

    The first few pictures led me to think her implants were replaced with smaller ones but then in some of the other pictures they still look huge. It seems like a lot of trouble to work at supporting those things 365 days a year for a few photo ops.

  10. Notice there’s only one bag o’ douche photographing this stupid bitch in the background……could it be Spencer?

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