1. She re minds me of my inflatable sex doll. I wonder which one has more plastic. I would still creampie this though…

  2. J

    She looks like shit in the face. Too much plastic surgery.

  3. she goes through all this trouble before she masturbates?

  4. Fancypants

    What a fat, ugly bitch. She needs more plastic surgery, not less. Any chance she read this site and will be pushed over the edge? Best not to take any chances. What a fucking cow!

  5. horsefaceskank

    so funny the photo angle trying to make it look like she has legs over 3 inches ..
    ahahaa ..’

  6. she looks absolutly gross with all that plastic surgery!

  7. JM

    Stop hating, Just STFU,

    I think she is a beauty, …god i’m lonely

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