1. I wonder how many Johns she handled that night? From the surgeries and being married to Spencer Pratt, we know she can take a lot of punishment.

  2. rantatonne

    Am i the only one that sees vast sadness in this picture? Such deep, agonizing, self-analytic ‘I wonder if i got a B- in my high school chem class instead of a d would it have come to this’ levels of sadness that I almost feel for her. Almost.

  3. Crissy

    Fun bags are fun…

  4. CuriousTroll

    I got sick of her new face faster than the old one.

  5. Sandoucheky

    Is she a basic pleasure model, like Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner?

  6. All that money on surgery in order to look like Mr Potato Head. Shame.

  7. TXZen

    has she recovered yet from the 6 dozen surgeries that ruined her life?

  8. Emily

    I dont know why she would do that she looked way better before now ahe looks funny nothing fits her body shape, she looks much older than she actually is, and her breasts are way to big for her body shape they look unattractive. If she didnt have such a stupid boyfriend she probably would have stayed the way she was

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