1. Megan

    what a fucking idiot.

    • fap

      …and yet the world seems obsessed with her idiocy, and so is willing to pay her for the right to watch the mess…which I believe makes the world dumber than she is. She is making money off you (stupid, stupid) people.

  2. Ishkabibble

    Do you suppose she can get a refund on the face too?

    • CARLO

      OMG I love this girl!!!. I don’t bother commenting on her actions because she is “sort of an actress”. I have never seen the Hills but I have seen her pictorials and she is insanely hot. WHAT A PERFECT ASS!!! manufactured or not it’s amazing!!!

      Hate on losers.. you log on to the same shit I do for the same reasons

  3. Brooke

    Looks like she has tried to go back to normal (plastic surgery undone) from the most recent pics of her and Spencer. Which is a good thing…

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