1. Cock Dr

    Does she actually make any money with these swimsuited contortions?
    I guess she splits it with the photographer if they find a site dumb enough to cough up cash for the shots.

  2. catapostrophe

    What a strange person!

  3. vintagedream

    This is sad..

  4. Deacon Jones

    I’m a fan!

  5. It looks like she’s on the shores of Lake Superior on an overcast autumn day. I feel like I need a jacket.

  6. AUdrey Jo

    So spontaneous, so natural, so care-free…

  7. TheBishop

    I’ve seen vampires less pale than this.

  8. Lissa

    she looks as though she may fall over at any time, but I think the fake butt is helping to keep her steady.

  9. Jo

    That looks natural.

  10. Beiber'sgay

    She looks better than some victorias secret supermodels.

    Heidi needs to redo her playboy shoot and show more.

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