1. joe

    She really ought to just do porn and get it over with.

  2. No Standards

    I missed her bikini photos.

  3. Josephus

    …dat ass?

  4. Are those red spots on her leg track marks or where they sucked the fat out?

  5. why do i want to suck on her asshole so badly? why god?

  6. Why? Because nobody ever got their picture taken with huge ass implants.

    (nobody bring up Coco…just shut up)

  7. Tron

    Is she gaining lower body weight?

  8. Crackity

    Legs are getting fat, and the fat she injected into her ass cheeks just makes her look heavy. Courtney Stodden has already taken her place as Chief Bikini Tard

  9. christine

    it is too cold in santa monica today to be on the beach whoring it up

  10. If she hadn’t already been damaged and besmirched by that parasite to whom she is married, it might have been fun to try fucking some sense into her.

  11. Brett Ratner's sweaty ass hair


  12. Sangriatic

    Unbelievable how EVERY photo in this gallery is the most unflattering bikini shot ever taken ever.

  13. juicyfruit

    She is the worst milk toast looking dick sucking cum burping road whore I have ever seen.

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