1. Hugh G Rection

    On the wrong side of 40, and annoying as shit whenever she opens her mouth, but I have to appreciate her for letting the girls out for us to enjoy.

  2. It looks like her kids sucked all the meat right out of those puppies.

  3. Well, huh…..there ya go.

  4. I can’t see anything past the gaping bear rectum in the background.

  5. coljack

    Not pictured: Seal, sitting in a darkened room, turning a light on and off, on and off…

  6. Freebie

    Well at least we know they’re real and not plastic. Kudos to her for that.

  7. MarketingMike

    Sorry, but I remember when her tits could stop a traffic.
    Time is a cruel bastard. Hate me, but honestly I’d pass.
    Not worth taking the shit that comes out of her mouth…

  8. I feel like I bought something from Amazon and it looks nothing like the pictures…

  9. Aggie

    This is why I firmly believe that as you age you shouldn’t aim to be super skinny. It just doesn’t look that great post-35. Look at Monica Bellucci, she’s aging much better than many people.

  10. She still looks great. I’d get in dat ass.

  11. barney

    Heidi still has a great body, nice ass and fantastic Boob’s Would take Heidi with her nice natural boobs over the younger female entertainers with their big fake plastic boobs any day.

  12. Seriously, how does this chick make impressive cleavage with these raisins???

  13. Sven

    Even though she is being older in these picture I feel I am still making the masturbation.

    • If there’s anything akin to comic “timing” in comment sections, this nick+comment combo is as close to Patton Oswalt as we’re likely to get. Bravo, sir!

  14. are those track marks in her elbow?

  15. Yennifer

    come wit me young one.. we drink the blood yuice

  16. I never wanna see a woman’s clavicle. Way too skinny. Bad abs too.

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