1. The question is, would she have dived into the raging surf to save her child if he hadn’t been wearing her $500 Gucci sunglasses.

  2. TheGhost

    Wow, she’s got some of those big ol’ eraser nips. If she save me, I’d try to suckle at her tit while she was pulling me back in

  3. Deacon Jones

    This is a perfect shot for one of those motivational posters-

    “Rescue son with both arms, or try saving the sunglasses?”

  4. The Pope

    Well he sure doesn’t swim like a Seal.

  5. Patrick

    You guys are worthless perverts you know that? She did what she knew was right, and pulled her son and nanny out of a rip tide. All of you need to think of what you would do and what was going through her son’s mind. Think of it you worthless pigs, get out of your house, get a hobby instead of looking at nipples got it?? Get a fucking life!

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