1. erica

    That… doesn’t look like Heidi Klum.

  2. Damn you Heidi and you boobie slip. I wanted all of the world to proclaim,”Bruce Jenner ist tot!”
    You silly MILF!

  3. Saul Norris

    I think you meant to say: Heidi Klum Rescues Her Family From A Niptide In Hawaii


    a real super woman will let you nurse on her nipple as she rescues her nanny

  5. Beer Baron

    That’s her son? Why does (s)he look like a mid 30s butch lesbian?

  6. ozmosis

    Staged for publicity.

    • Axerty

      yeah because you totally want to show off your nipples for publicity.

    • hehe

      staged for what? she’s always working, always in the media, she’s always in magazines. we’re not talking about pra-tt and mon-tag or pat-ridge or jer-sey sh-ore, or karda-sh-ian losers and has been’s here. klum doesn’t need to do stage this, photographers follower her without being paid by her.

  7. catapostrophe

    Not Without My Sunglasses.

  8. “Come with me if you want to live!”

  9. everyoneisstupid

    Who fucking cares that her nipple slipped. She fucking rescues two lives and a nipple slip seems to be a big deal in this world. Fuck media.

  10. wow.

    This pisses me off so much. She saved her child and his caretaker from possibly drowning and the focal point of the story is the fact she fell out of her bathing suit? The media seriously needs to get its priorities together.

  11. huggy bear

    Water looks to be cold

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