1. BP

    And dat eez how u get rid of ze black hoozband…….

  2. jezus

    Kim Kardashian is waiting for a dick in her mouth

  3. Newgal

    Wait…is that how the back of her dress is intended to look? I didn’t even notice KK–I thought she was supposed to kill herself for having a granny panty wedgie

  4. Dee

    Kim has gotten fatter. She looks like she weighs 145 pounds with measurements 34-28-42. I’m the same height as Kim and weigh 108 pounds with measurements 34-26-34. Kim says she is a size 4, but it logically does not make sense that she can fit into size 4 pants with size 42 hips. She might be able to fit into a size 4 stretch dress that has extra material on the hips, but this would be a result of vanity sizing that cater to egos and the clothes are expensive. I suspect Kris got tired of Kim’s self absorbed personality and told her the truth about her being fat and not being the crispiest chip in the bag. Kim was desperate and married the first man that would marry her. She obviously is not into love making either because she chose to go out of town a lot while being newly married. Most newly married couples that have only been together for six months would be having a lot of sex. Kim seems like a cold boring self absorbed no talent famous person. Kris probably got tired of her saying I’m not fat, I’m slim with curves. Slim with curves is an oxymoron. Kris also probably got tired of watching her eat bad fattening food all the time and watching her get fatter. Heidi and Kourtney look lovely. Kim looks like she is wearing an industrial girdle to keep her stomach flab tucked in, shrink her size 42 hips to size 41, and to lift and perk up her huge behind. I would be very depressed if I allowed myself to get as fat as Kim and would get on a healthy diet and exercise plan ASAP. I think it’s annoying that Kim denies she is fat. Just admit you are fat and you wear body shapers and airbrush your photos to improve your fat body.

    • Cock Dr

      “crispiest chip in the bag”
      That’s a good one…will have to use that in future.
      So I think what you’re saying is that Kim is a big ole dumb moo cow?

      • kathy


        ps, i love a world in which kim is a cow. completely skews the curve for the rest of us fatties. fock.

  5. George P Burdel

    Heidi, if you don’t mind, could have Seal’s phone number.

  6. tt

    Is the Nazi-thing the only thing you know about Germany?
    Ridiculously stupid.

  7. Duke Steele

    You think Heidi is thinking “Talking to this the urinal is making me want to pee. And I really can’t be seen with these pigs”?

  8. BAHAH

    “No, Kim, you cannot have my ex-husband’s black ass tonight…”

  9. Richard McBeef

    I love that color on you, heidi, but yellow looks so much better on me.

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