1. No tongue sticking out here, but the bugged eyes got me thinking she’s down to go down.

  2. contusion

    Why are their vaginas touching? Personal space, Miley, personal space.

  3. Cock Dr

    Pumpkinhead and Lizard Queen.

  4. Inner Retard

    No tongue?! Must be a serious software conflict. The lesbian wants to lick those tits. But the chipmunk knows you can’t store walnuts in your mouth and lick something. She may need a reboot.

  5. KV

    Did Miley came finally out of the closet ? And… what the hell is she on ?

  6. I applaud the photographer who kept telling them to “Get a little closer”

  7. winter

    omgoodness why does Miley think her eyes look good bulging out her face like that it looks like she’s on METH…badgal

  8. If they keep rubbing their crotches together, they are going to start a bush fire.


  10. amir

    Miley looks a little intimidated, she’s usually the one who is considered ‘wild’, but I think she realizes that she is with a veteran freak.

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