1. Jimbo

    WTF, Where are the naked pics??? Fish dude, you have turned into a pussy. Back in the day, the naked pics would have been the first pic you saw

  2. duder

    The good stuff is over on Perez, Jimbo. Probably most other places too. I don’t know wtf is up with Fish; he’s been a douchebag about this stuff for a long time now.

  3. LegMan

    Did she just get back from her belly dancing class?

  4. Ben Dover


  5. douchebaggette

    I thought entertainment industry workers made decent money. Why do the leaked pics look like they were taken with a first gen camera phone?

  6. turd da third

    bag over her head, bells on her nipples,,,I’d then do her.

  7. Sprmcandy

    So ?

  8. Brink

    britney from slave 4 u?

  9. anonym

    who the fuck??

  10. jime

    hahaha she’s dressed with the I’m a slave 4 U outfit you idiots!

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