1. Gravity's a bitch...

    …but seeing as to how she’s 40, I’d say she’s doing all right. Even RollerGirl can’t evade gravity forever.

  2. LC

    Wow…she looks fantastic. 99% of the world’s population has a dimple or some form of cellulite on their @ss. The only time I’ve ever seen a smooth one is on someone 30 and under. Anyone over 30 without dimples has paid for it to be removed. I’d like to see the @ss of the person who wrote this article.

  3. Commentator

    I’ll train her (mm-hmm).

    Also, she not that young lady from Boogie Nights anymore, but also the skin acts differently sometimes, too. Especially where water is involved. But … yeah … there is that window of hotness, especially for ladies.

  4. Amosis55

    Never heard of her.

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