1. Todd

    I heard that he only gots a 11 inch pen. Really fat, but kind of short.

  2. Dana

    I don’t get the drama about her height. I am 5 foot & I love being so short & small lol.

  3. Kay

    um..11 inches is small..where the hell have I been (O_o)

  4. tlcmk

    So that is why she is always smiling. Jessica Alba has the same type of problem. She is always so goo goo eyed over her husband as well.

    You can always tell when a woman has a big one to play with.


    That cooter is ruined.
    Out with the trash, dear.
    FYI, a definition of “waste” is: a region or place devastated or ruined. Maybe we should refer to her bits as waste now. :)

  6. Ned

    As far as I’m concerned, Hayden should ride the longest, thickest dong she can find. 15 inches is not unreasonable. And it hope it’s attached to two gigentic swinging testicles. When she swallows, I hope she gets the recommended daily allowance of protein. She’s beautiful and has earned it.

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