1. hohoho

    the sex has got to be crazy.

  2. Dood

    That guys member has got to equal about 28% of Haydens total mass.. Physics tells us it shouldn’t fit inside her.

  3. Clem

    He’s 5’6″.

  4. shankyouverymuch

    Is that Sasquatch really her boyfriend!?

    Wow dreamy – a tight, ultra tight little thing like that & a giant piece of man-meat … now that’s my idea of ‘the best of times’

    Although I’ve got to think that the ultra tightness isn’t going to last too long. That big eastern European cock will make sure of that-

  5. truth

    midget is the definition of skinny fat…blah

  6. classydirtychick

    MY GOD he’s Massive..!!

    or is she just reeeeeeeeeeeeaaally reeeeally small.

    Love men with big noses. and big muscles. yum.

  7. tom

    That guy’s going to make a canoe out of her on their wedding night. Save the cheerleader!

  8. tim

    he´s a pro boxer
    Ukrainian heavyweight boxer. Klitschko is the unified IBF, WBO, IBO and Ring Magazine Champion of the world. His older brother, Vitali Klitschko, is the current WBC world heavyweight champion.

  9. Giana

    dang… You know, i’m 5″1, and i like taller guys, but the tallest one that i have liked is 6 foot even, and that isnt that tall. My biggest crush ever was 5″11, which is still verrrrrry tall for me. It was cute though, we were friends and one time he gave me a hug, and i fit right into his arms…. Sorry, just went into lala land there.. heeheehee…. :) So cute. But yeah. He is VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRY tall!

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