1. Dox

    That’s either an optical illusion or someone put an arc reactor in her chest to power those implants…..

  2. Tara Reid says “wtf?”

  3. Holy shit, this looks like one of those neck pillow you buy. Ugh.

  4. alex

    Maybe she needs a mini-arc reactor implanted in her chest to keep tiny bits of metal from entering her heart. You know, like Tony Stark.

  5. It’s obvious she’s Iron Woman. The hole in her chest is where she keeps the arc reactor that powers her suit.

  6. Sardonic

    Clearly the imprint work of Wladimir Klitschko’s 10 kilo dong.

  7. Vlad

    So she’s now one of those putting machines for her man?

  8. No !! Photoshoped, do you think she would wear something like that knowing her chest looked like that??Nope never happen!!

  9. 90210

    i see the same thing with tori spelling….

  10. Federal Boob Inspector

    No need to fear gentlemen, It’s just the lighting and tan lines causing an optical illusion.

  11. sandy

    Since the first time I saw a pic of her new implants I said this has got to be one of the worst boob jobs ever! She should seriously get some reconstructive surgery or something. Those things are horrible! How can she actually think that looks good?

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