1. FattyFatty2X4

    i gotta hankerin’ for some cottage cheese

  2. elephantman


  3. Tim

    that’s scary

  4. That’s unfortunate- Happens to all of us, though. Hayden’s in great shape.

  5. Mike701

    Say “Chheeeesssee!”

  6. The Superfacial

    This is a photoshop! Plenty to riff on with the wonk boobs alone; no need to pile on the little elf.

    • idk if it is or isn’t shopped, but haven’t we seen bikini pics of her pretty recently, and she looked good, no cottage cheese thighs until these? How could she have lost those sweet, supple thighs so fast? We need a fresh round of Hayden bikini pics stat, in the interests of science!

      • Kisses4Katie

        Poor dear, she’s had this problem for a while. Look closely…. closa…
        Don’t get me wrong, she’s adorable and my first pick for getting down with a little person.

  7. cc

    She’s filling up with Klitschko semen.

  8. Did her right thigh bone just pull a “Kevin Ware” ?

  9. Cellulite at her age? I swear they don’t make humans like they used to.

  10. Jenna

    All men hatin on cellulite can f.ck off. Women are more naturally predetermined to get it, and in the real world, if a woman is hot and has a little cellulite, I’ve never seen a man turn them down because of it.
    Now let’s think about how many of you bald or beer belly trolls are hot enough to ever score a chick that’s even remotely hot, cellulite or no.

    • It’s OK to say “fuck” on this site )

    • Jenna, on behalf of bald, beer belly trolls everywhere, I commend you on your critique.

    • kevin baconator

      Jenna – you obviously have cellulite.

      • Jenna

        Kevin, I am 36 years old, am 5’4″, 118 lbs, run every day and eat a clean diet, and yes, I do have some visible cellulite on my thighs. But not once has it stopped me from getting a guy. That’s what my point is, EVERY WOMAN has cellulite, even if they’re in great shape. Have you ever seen candids of Victoria Secret models? Untouched, even most of them have a touch of cellulite, GASP!

  11. Joe Mahma

    More Photoshopped cellulite. Awesome.

  12. Hobbits and cellulite, ruined my dinner.

  13. This is what happens when you starve yourself and don’t go to the gym. Your body consumes your muscle and you become a sack of cottage cheese. Sure, she looks great from certain angles… But that body is a fucking mess.

  14. WTFeva

    Oh please, it’s so obvious her thigh is photoshopped. And terribly at that. Nobody has a triangle shaped thigh.

  15. Bodongo

    Lol. People are stupid. Look at how tight and smooth her left thigh is. Obvious hack job.

  16. sweatbag

    Looks like Klitschko foreskin rubbed off the back of that leg.

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