1. Now THAT’S what I call a mouse knuckle

  2. Where's Dildo

    Great… now I’m hungry for Arby’s Beef and Cheddar.

  3. goonie-goo-goo

    That is what the brothas call a “fat monkey.”

  4. Phoenix

    If only we could get the REAL “actual size” feature back, we could feel like she does when she’s at the beach.

    • And to say that other sites who seem to have had the same changes – I’m thinking of Egotastic – still have the zoom function… It’s one of those mysteries in life.

      • And those are the only ones I can find with this layout. Which still leaves the question why it’s possible for Egotastic but not here.
        Versions without the “nifty” arrow/click movement can be found at The Frisky and Socialite Life, the latter of which has zoom.
        And very similar versions can be found on Whitney Port and the three Kardashian sites, of which only Kourtney has zoom (she needs it as the small one?) and none the arrow/click function.

      • it’s calculated so that morons think the shit they eat has a different flavor when in reality it all comes from the same goddamn machine that shits out the same goddamn flavor.

  5. little turtle head


  6. Beer Baron


  7. I would eat that for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  8. Walkaway Joe

    Suck on this, Jessica Alba bikini pose!

  9. BigOkie

    By that way, that’s one of Wladmir’s giant sperm there on her left butt cheek.

  10. Inky Black

    Oh my!
    Well, that’s my cognitive abillility compleatli skrewd 4 teh rst of th evnink .

  11. toopier

    I see that no one is worried about the cellulite anymore

  12. Weirdo

    Ooh Hayden, me wanna clean your stink hole with my tongue!

  13. I am going to masturbate to this photo.

    • I’m sorry. I know I should write something clever here or at least make an attempt at funny, or address how distracting that piece of seaweed is, etc, but it’s just too much. And honestly, I can’t think of anything else right now other than, “I am going to masturbate to this photo.”

  14. Skeeter

    My mouth is watering. I bet her holes taste like fresh strawberry pie.

  15. Don Draper's Dad

    And the 2013 World Press Photo of the year award goes to …

  16. “Don Drapers Dad”?…..LOL ! ! !

  17. gigi

    y’all…. Wlad’s been all up in that….

  18. IdDoThat

    “HELLO!” …hello… hello… hello…

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