1. banner man

    Jesus, what could you say about this pic…..

  2. adgdf

    You must be this tall to ride Cock Mountain.

  3. Cover for “Sorry Daddy Whitezilla Split My Asshole # 2″,” Big Dick For A Cutie # 2 ” or “Hose Monster # 4.”
    Simply choose your title………Nothing New.

  4. Jeff

    I’ve never seen a non-midget who had to stand on her toes to give a guy a blowjob.

  5. “She’s perfect. Her head’s at dick level.”
    What Wladimir says to all of his friends.

  6. Chim Richalds

    Jesus, hes got to be pushing six feet

  7. Sit Ubu, sit. Good dog.

  8. Clearly, adgdf wins. Now stop embarrassing yourselves…

  9. baccusvd

    she must have a HUGE vagina

  10. Swearin

    Wait, I thought dwarves and giants hated each other? YOU LIED TO ME, EVERQUEST!

  11. Tinka

    Oh wow. That’s all that can be said here. Just… Wow.

  12. IdDoThat

    “Yes, I’m looking for a little slut about this… OH! There you are, honey!”

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