1. Hey now

    Faces of Meth? I say Faces of Hottttttt!

    (ok, not really)

  2. If I saw her in the mall I would think she was 38 years old. She’s only 33, correct?

  3. shan

    When Britney looks like the more successful, well adjusted person, you have problems.

  4. shan

    Did anyone else notice that her boobs are drooping down to her belly button?

  5. Storm

    Mattel should model a new doll after her called “Crypt Keeper Barbie.”

  6. KC

    A Chris Brown makeover might actually do her some good.

  7. argleblargle

    Looks like a cross between meth addict and chris brown victim

  8. jenn

    looks like she had been crying and never bothered wiping her mascara then stepped outside for a quick photoshoot with the paps. she hates them so much yet she walks up and down her steps and poses with friends for them?

  9. Walker

    These photos look like stills from an “Intervention” episode where the subject actually hasn’t figured out what TV show they’re on yet, despite it being in the 8th season.

  10. Sean

    And how exactly does this woman pass drug tests? I mean those are pics directly from a text book on meth addiction

  11. ominina

    Holy crap!!!! , I’m gonna have nightmare tonite!!! for sure!!!! :S:S:S

  12. Eli

    I’m not entirely convinced that this isn’t pictures of the first US face transplant.

  13. It’s “Tales From the Crypt” meets “RuPaul’s Drag Race” meets “South Park: Coon & Friends”

  14. the whole enchilada

    “Precious, precious, precious. My precious! “

  15. Nik

    Leading actress for the next faces of death.

  16. macmac

    She doesn’t look like Macaulay Culkin anymore, he’s the prettier twin now.

  17. Big foot bunny

    The walk of shame: Lindsay is bumping clams with Golem now.

  18. Queequeg

    I’m ready for my close up.

  19. It’s nice to see that Lindsay and Sam are getting along so well that they are starting to look like each other. At least it wont matter who’s eyes the children have…

  20. casemods

    She was hotter before the tits

  21. Wotwot

    How did you get the monster from Pan’s Labyrinth to pose for pictures?

  22. stinky

    Good God, time for botox and sunscreen!

  23. Mary

    Dude she always had boobs duh? Is this photo for real? She is only 24…25 at most.

  24. 539

    She looks like Rob Schneider.


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