1. Hugh Gentry

    what the fuck is that thing???

  2. Juliana

    What can I say? At least she has a waist and some sort of ass… Big and all fluffy, but an ass nonetheless… The other one was just a thing. A big, nasty thing.

  3. Enzo Pisa

    That’s a whole bunch of yuck right there!


  5. UY

    This girl’s a solid 10 if she stands next to Snooki.

  6. etc

    She looks better than Snooki. At least she is just big, not a blob. I find the tummy tuck on the other one hilarious. Worst tuck ever done, i am sure.


    too mucha pasta anda pizza! mamma mia!

  8. WowzersTrowzers

    Angry man face! J-Yuck is just as bad. Dude looks like a lady….

  9. ::Godzilla scream::

    “Moments later, Tokyo was destroyed with only a scent of coconut oil and Speed Stick* lingering in in the rubble.”

    *(byyyyyyy Men-en!)

  10. GodsRightHandMan

    I will not be able to sleep tonight WOW that thing is SCARY!!

  11. Weird Al

    Don’t bash the she-nooks (she thing & snooki). Chances are you will be married to one in 30 years…

  12. arg!

    ARG! That heinous thing! I have looked back here all weekend trying to get new gossip but her face is just the worst thing ever! I am going to strike from visiting this site until Thursday! YUCK!

  13. cd

    that’s a dude

  14. jn

    I went to HS with that thing and let me tell you she looks worse now then before. AND she is such a liar!!! She was never a cheerleader in HS. Get over your self Deena!!

  15. Ray Sist.

    If you Photoshop a guy’s face onto a chunky girl this is what you get.

  16. i loled

    LOOOOL wtf is that fat creature

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