1. sallysallysally

    Remember when those pictures of her bare back were a huge deal?

  2. Bigo


  3. castallare

    Wait… I’m… How is she topless at..? What? Why do I care so damned much?! WHATAMIBECOMING?! DAAAAMN YOOOU, DISNEY!!!

  4. Brooke

    Wait… wait… huh!? How the hell did this happen? She and Taylor Momsen really are battling for the Jailbait Award.

  5. Ned

    I used to hate Miley. But ever since she became a filthy cum-guzzling whore, I really, really like her!

  6. nah nah

    Oh lord stop with it Mileyy!!!! you used to be my kids idols…but now your too sluty

  7. hph

    where did the tattoo come from?

  8. Shrillness

    sooo hair conveniently styled to cover your boobs qualifies as a top now.

  9. spike783

    Funny that “one hit wonder” daddy let’s his little girl out like that.. course you always want your kids to do better than you did. Sad that Britney,, oops, i mean, Miley, is going the same way as the other kids brought up in music. sell the sex, sell the pics, rehab soon.. wonder if they’re waiting for the Playboy or Hustler deal??? Either way.. i guess i’d still bite…

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