1. Ash Bones

    that’s where i want to put it alright..

  2. cyber

    Why does her outfit have a crotch access hooks? Whoever designed it is a pervert.

  3. Dear Miley,
    We understand you are now going to be 18 years of age. We understand you wish to push the elvelope and develop new fans. Keeping in mind your current fan base is made up of two groups. Group 1 the 8 to 15 year old girls which make up the bulk of your fan base. And group 2 mothers age 30 to 40. We suggest ditching these two grous and start developing a much broader fan base made up of 40 to 65 year old men who like young unused girls and the 18 to 25 year old young men who use material like yours to masturbate to. I suggest you talk to your mother for suggestions and support. She seems to have a good feel for these kind of things.

    Yours truly
    your fan development department

  4. Erica

    dunno…on at least one of the pics it’s discharge city…

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