1. HLM

    The thumbnail of this pic makes the chick look like one of the dudes from Black Eyed Peas. I’m sure she’s pretty on a normal day & all, but man does she have the shape of a teenage boy in this shot.

    • Steve O

      Uh…yea..ok. Are you insane? Then again, I imagine you speak from experience being the authority on teenage boys and all…

  2. Mike Walker

    I never took Nuno Bettencourt for an athlete.

  3. Fool

    Just think what the world would be like if this and the Mickey Mouse Club had swapped creation points……

  4. beck

    there’s no possible way this was born a chick

  5. Cardinal Fang

    She has a man’s waist and a woman’s butt. Not sure I’d hit it.

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