1. Cock Dr

    Really now…the blogger is just being rude to us poor straight female readers.

  2. rough

    Memo to Halle: jukeboxes have gone digital.


    Now we’re talking.

  4. rican

    Einhorn is Finkle?

  5. Christ

    I’m waiting for her to grab her ass cheeks and starting doing a ventriloquist act like Jim Carrey.

  6. That is either :

    1. A piercing
    2. An oversized clitoris
    3. An undersized peen

  7. fandy

    she needs to stay in that position, when she is at the beach

  8. bruce

    I will build me a house in her and will not come out.

  9. a powers

    see, you just gotta bend em over and all the imperfections go away

  10. Shelly

    That woman appears to be a present mother, look great and be really successful in life. I have to say, You go girl!

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