1. mpath1

    ok. didn’t need to see this one.

  2. karen

    Kentucky Friend Chicken, thigh/leg piece, original recipe.

  3. baron of all media

    This is blunt force eye trauma to the penis.

  4. daniel

    any way… i like her !!

  5. bassackward

    The Catwoman seems to have spent WAY too much time licking her way to the cream, and not shakin her tail! Gotham will never be the same….. I blame the Penguin! Quack wack wack wack……

  6. Coyote

    This puts an End to the Rumor that “Black Don’t Crack”


    this is totally rude and uncalled for…

  8. Deznuts

    Always knew she wasn’t black

  9. meh

    …and ruined.

  10. Emersom Bigguns

    Looks like large curd.

  11. rough

    This was shocking at first glance but once you use the first Photoshop that is the brain you can clearly see its just some stretch marks due to giving birth not of sloppiness. Lucky for her, it does not take place under the asscheeks, the thighs are safe. I would penalize her for not using laser surgery. I would penalize her roughly and I’m even that big a fan.

  12. Hola

    ahhh! now I feel better. Least we know the bitch aint perfect

    • gumption

      what, the fake boobs, previous giant nose and ugly lips that she had reduced didnt clue you in until this? you want to see perfect? Go look at Naomi Campbell. That is a gorgeous woman.

  13. Christ

    Stretch Armstrong would be jealous.

  14. JANE

    Ok you know what, it’s totally unfair to make fun of anyone with stretch marks cause there is literally NOTHING you can do about it. It is so sad, and seriously all you pathetic losers who think this is “Gross” she is a real woman clearly, and she is a 45 year old mother… probably with a better body than any of you. That is the sad truth.

    • Amy

      Exactly, Jane. She is beautiful — stretch marks, cellulite and all. As a woman, I love seeing stretch marks on gorgeous celebrities. It might detract from the mystique for these guys with their pants around their ankles, but I think it makes them more endearing.

  15. fandy

    woahhhhh did you see the shitter on that critter????

  16. guestspeaker

    so if Halle can’t get rid of her butt cellulite (and she looks like she works out like crazy) where is the hope for the rest of us :(

  17. gumption


  18. Hlifino

    She still looks good to me I would not kick her out of bed for a few stretch marks!!!

  19. barbosa

    aha..her flaw!

  20. Jade

    I don’t think she looks that bad. Take pictures of the average 20-year old in a bikini in the sun and you’ll get pics far worse than this one. If I could have her figure at that age I would count myself lucky.

  21. Duke

    My whole world just crumbled to pieces. Motherfucker!

  22. B-O-N-E-R

    I find this difficult to masturbate to.

  23. Cunts

    shut up you cunt, nobody is perfect look in a fucking mirrow you ugly ass motherfuckers, no wonder why you all bastards are still single, you can accep a real women flaws and all, fuck you all, you will never gonna find a woman that is haf better than her!

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