1. anonymous

    she’s truly nauseating

  2. leelou

    hahhaa, agreed

  3. josh

    I bet it’s the first and last time she’s using that brand new bike. Next year she will bought another when she’ll get the envy of cycling for 5 minutes and get bored immediately after.

  4. sluthound

    I bet she went home and sent a telegraph to Madge describing the whimsical folly she participated in thus giving hope and meaning to the young photog’s life.

  5. youbuilt

    hey, these are the same hollywood freaks that love the protestors on wall street. you buy their movie tickets, you helped build these stupid people into telling the rest of the world that we are stupid. they are rich!! get over it!!

  6. maoix

    This was my first thought upon seeing this:

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