1. I don’t really care for her myself but I’d still hide my purple warhead in her missile silo. She was better as a red head in the Iron Man movies.

  2. Your body so fit and hit and you are rock star .

  3. assholesexpert

    I bet her asshole is as pink as they can be. All pale girls have very pink assholes. Not that I mind. It’s just a fact.

  4. Dharma Initiative Beans

    Apparently the location scout for this movie thought we’d think these were pics of Kristen Bell in her hot-ass yoga pants, filming for “When In Rome” a few years back.

    Dammit…it worked.

  5. Luis

    It was a bit like a car accident, had to slow down to take a look. The tbulroe with these shows is that it really showcases the flaws of live performances. When you are in a big stadium and singing along to your favorites, you often are having too much fun to realize the performer just plain sounds bad. Sometimes, the true talent is in the studio where multiple takes get it just right. The ones that are real, true, see you next year talent are the ones that carry the tune, stay on key and keep you entertained. Sadly, there weren’t a whole bunch of them on stage on Sunday.

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