1. Opps

    She’s naturally thin. Not many people have that body type or genetic background. Still pretty after all these years…

  2. The tattoo is an arrow that points to her lady parts and says “GOOP in here!”

  3. and now 100% lipton cup of soup free

  4. BuseyPwns

    I’ve never admired skeletons, and I’m not going to start with this one.

    Chicks need to put on some weight…

    You fools with your WE DONT LIKE CELLULITE, BUT WE LOVE BONES! The more these chicks look like some starved ethopians, the hornier you are.

    I’d rather slap and ass and watch it jiggle-a-bit than hurt my hand on a tailbone that rattles…

  5. BetterThanUs

    She’s rich, successful, looks like this after a kid or two, triumphs the virtues of Brazilians and we hold it against her that she thinks she’s better than us? Well I guess she did marry Coldplay.

  6. dw

    how is it possible that this women has had children? were they pigmy babies?

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