1. Cock Dr

    There’s your glamorous & hot movie star.
    Her tits look decent in that dress. Maybe nobody looked at her face.
    Maybe they just took a quick peek & decided to concentrate their attentions lower down.

  2. Albert

    No, she did nothing wrong. She got out of a car. A photographer who has no respect for another person’s privacy took pictures for which he should have been punished.

  3. meediamugul

    I would just say, if I see such sc NEWS, that those photomakers who try to catch another person’s panties etc, are just PERVS. it is quite sick to imagine a photographer going nuts while discovering that he caught a small view of underview. U – who made that picture- u are PERVERT :). I live in estonia and whoever wants to argue with me, please feel free to visit. I will kick faces of perverts with glad

  4. Chuck Norris

    This is as good as the plastic surgeons could get her to look. Sad.

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