1. HiveMonster

    What’s in the box, Somerset? What’s in the BOX?!?!

  2. Madame, while you’re exiting the car, may I introduce you to my version of Goop?

  3. Shlongface

    I think I see a little clitty-clitty bump-bump! Teehee!

  4. miked

    beef curtins!!!!

  5. DouchBag Finder

    Douche Bag Armenian paparazzi. Perhaps they should concentrate more on grooming their uni-brows than trying to snap cooch-shots from women exiting cars.
    You know you’re a Douche Bag Armenian…
    - IF your rims cost more than your house
    - If you wear Lofers
    - If your welfare check is bigger than your car payments
    - If You wear 4 or 5 stripe adidas, better known as Badidas
    - If you have one eyebrow
    - If you think you’re in some Armenian Mafia
    - If you think everyone’s name is “Ara”
    - If your armpits smell like basterma
    - if your beamer’s liscense plate says Davo em apeh
    - If you have an illegal cell phone from North Hollywood
    - If what you’re reading is on a stolen/bought or at good guys computer
    - If the ONLY way you can become famous is by letting some half-baked black
    dude pee on you in a “stolen” sex tape that “somehow” gets leaked out to the

  6. Colin

    Britney? I dunno, she’s still missing the Frappuccino in one hand, the two kids falling out of the other, the crazy eyes, and lack of underwear.

  7. Honest Abe

    So THATS where Apples come from!

  8. slappy magoo

    I suddenly have the urge to write some incredibly lame yet nonetheless popular emo-based piano pop tune. I don’t know why.

  9. frcrkr

    The woman needs to learn how to get out of the car like a proper starlet: NO UNDERWEAR.

  10. shankyouverymuch

    oh yeah i’d eat that shit right up & then barf it straight back into her mouth & then…

  11. Bob

    Gimme gimme gimme, I need, I need, I need!

  12. meesh

    i feel 13 again.

  13. Darren Leite

    I want to munch….

  14. richii


  15. I'm on my Period.

    I seriously thought that was her cunt for a good 9 seconds.


  17. LArry

    I could eat a peach

  18. j

    good no poop stains!

  19. meediamugul

    just fuck off pervs. total loser site.


    she knows what she’s doing in the can get out of a car without showing your cunt. that’s why she not looking at the camera.she want everyone to see she can act trashy too

  21. So you see her panties, what’s the big deal. Aren’t bikinis made of the same material? If she got out of her car wearing only a bikini would you be equally shocked? Dang here in America people are so uptight about the human body and sex. Over in Europe they have a healthier view of the nude body and sex. Lighten up peoples.

  22. Of course this is not a big deal, in more ways than because “IT’S JUST GWYNETH F**KING PALTROW!” (btw reckon she’s got her peeps on the interwebs on-side on this one? beggars belief why ANYONE – particularly on THIS SITE – would be defending her… ffs)

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