1. JC

    At first I thought, “How can this meth addict run the website for such a huge music magazine?” Then I actually went to and saw that today, May 17, 2013, they’re running a review of Huey Lewis and the News’ “Sports.” I think the current quality and relevance levels of the site can be maintained.

  2. Well…Considering I have not read Rolling Stone since 1979….. Because the only use I had for it was toilet paper… This is totally Par for the course…

  3. Annie Liebovitz shot the next cover of RS. It’s a black and white of Wenner being topped by Obama. Bareback. Rumors are the cover is a gatefold that opens to reveal Taibbi tongue-punching Barack’s dirt box. Plus a 5 star review of Springsteen’s last bowel movement.

  4. Tata

    I think would…

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