1. The contrast between her hands and face is terrifying.

  2. Ace of Spades

    Can’t hide your age with your hands, grandma.

    • mar va

      we all hope to live through our glory days into golden days, rejoicing and enjoying our dedication in making the world a better place of enjoyment full of wonders, we should also know when to act accordly,without losing self respect and dignity for our family…

  3. bernard


  4. NOI

    Her face looks really really plastic

  5. sweetlips

    Nice looking claw

  6. TheeThinker

    Look, aside from those issues, I thought she was many years with beau Snake Plisskin. So WTF is going on; did they split and she married some guy to become Goldie Hawn-Drunk? Or is it just a pic of wasted pup Drunk Kate Hudson, somedilrodwhatever? You caption guys are gettin` lazy…..

  7. When you remember that Goldie Hawn is actually two years older than Paula Deen, Goldie starts looking pretty good.

  8. You think grandmama hands are scary? Lift up the fur ….

  9. mar va

    where is the good old days?, when the bedroom were the place for a private ass showing, licking, kisses and all the other beauty we shared with our lover’s that made us so interesting and special, wondering why you are tired of each other so quickly,” NO RESPECT”, LOSTED VALUES!!!!!! you are a human beings with feelings if they are still there, not some animal in some pasture with no sense of awareness. what have happen to the respect of beauty between lovers we once shared? have the lovers went to the dog show ????

  10. Annie

    Too bad,—her face looks grey from all the smoking. Her hair is too brown, and it looks like this isn’t the first time she’s gone “overboard.” Get well soon, Goldie. (Before you turn into brass. )

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