1. JustHereForTheLaughs


  2. Keeks


  3. Dude, posting pics of holocaust victims is NOT cool!

  4. aznative

    just leave her alone for the love of god–we get it, she’s too skinny. i doubt giving her daily attention for it in the media is going to cure that issue….if anything it probably motivates her more to keep with her apparently unhealthy habits

  5. KC

    I’m founding a Kickstarter project to build a homeless shelter in the vast space between her boobs. There’s plenty of space and they can eat the food she obviously doesn’t. Who’s in?

  6. jose gotera

    now i get it, this is jar jar binks female relate in that species, who had known that

  7. Dishy Girl

    It’s another case of the pot calling the kettle black when Giulianna Rancic gets Judgy Von Judgerson on Leann Rimes’ weight.

  8. lily

    her chest is frightening and those have to be the WORST implants i have ever seen…how can she go out in a bikini like this? she has VERY low body fat and her body looks way over worked. not to mention the broad man shoulders. its just unfortunate all around…

  9. Brenda

    “Holocaustiesque” hahahahaha I started laughing slowly till I couldn’t hold it anymmore!!!

    This is a case where skinny looks BAD!

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