1. K Soze

    Shes fine. You guys are ridiculous (not to mention every one of you would fuck her if given a chance)…so she looks rough in one series of shots. I’ve seen enough of her, both photoshopped and NOT, when she was out w that tulip shes with, to know she looks just fine. One bad series of pics does not a fugly woman make.

    And for some reason, although i cant quite place a finger in……..on it, i get the distinct impression (not just from today but other posts on her as well) that shes a great fuck. I usually figure most models/supermodels arent, given that all they have to do is lay there but every now and then, one just gives me that impression. That, combined w the fact shes got legs for days, is enough to make me hate T Brady just alittle bit more today.

  2. Larrman60

    This gl is not as hot as half of Maxim 100. Yes she got in as this wonderful model, but hell over half of the Maxim or Playboy women look better as well as the SI gals of this years swimsuit issue. Tom is a lucky man to get a beautiful woman such as Gisele- but she is not the hoopla that everyone gives her !!! She is the one that caught Tom Brady. Tom Brady is not the one who caught her .

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