1. Would someone please cut that fucking bush down?


  2. ktulu

    Wow look at those curves. Jesus bring back real woman shape like Marilyn.

  3. Lisa

    i can’t wait for all the “this is how all women in brazil look” comments to begin……

  4. Candy

    Other day my mother asked why I don’t look like Gisele since she read that Gisele don’t go to the gym, like me… come on nobody get those abs without hit the gym twice a day at least… she do not hit the gym my a…….

  5. Charmless Man

    Her stomach looks like a pancake JUST before you know to flip it for the first time.

  6. The Ugly Truth

    I hate how good she looks.

  7. hbw

    Tom was the one who had to post, because not even Bill Belichick would want video of this.

  8. vinod


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  9. steve

    um, are you guys looking at the same picture as me? she has more masculine stomach than me. Bitch looks like a dude

  10. Personification of the Gods that built Mount Olympus

    Gisele is nasty, I wouldn’t sniff coke on her ass if she was the last woman on earth.

  11. Ole

    she looks way different photoshopped

    doesnt look too good in candids

  12. Tim

    She’s getting ready to give birth to a new and improved Wes Welker.

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