1. Gisele actually knows that the person who throws the ball isn’t the same person who catches it. That puts her knowledge of football well ahead of most women…and most of players on the New England Patriots team.

  2. Brady-Hater

    Awww too fucking bad that her little Tommy and his team got beat again by the G-Men. Cry me a fucking river bitch!

  3. Edwin

    SHE IS TOTALLY RIGHT! those receivers get paid MILLIONS to run and catch a ball. On a passing team, guess what? YOU HAVE TO CATCH THE BALL. Aaron Hernandez, Wes Welker, and Co. dropped easy passes. Eli threw some OFF passes, but guess what? The NYG receivers CAUGHT THEM! GOOD FOR YOU Gisele for speaking your mind. A close game like that and those costly drops costed them.

    • Bloody Mess

      tru dat!

    • ian

      No one is saying she isn’t right. Having said that, she needs to know when to talk and when to shut her mouth. You dont think the recievers already know that shit? Or the fact that she didnt mention the little safety Brady backed himself into? Convenient.

  4. Mary Seiler

    So she loves her husband, what she said was not meant to be
    heard by anyone but hecklers from the giant fans.
    Every man should have a wife like that!
    Go Tom and have more babies!

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