1. This is Madness

    He’s totally grabbing her ass

  2. Duke malibu

    Hope you didn’t spend too much time on that sorry piece of satire… Man, talk about lame !! You neeed to keep your day job delivering the morning newspaper…

  3. Just to be clear, Tom Brady didn’t rape Tebow…Jesus did.

  4. Brady-Hater

    Hey beautiful, don’t hold your breathe on me praying for your hubby Brady, except that he gets his fucking leg broken or his head stuffed up his ass. I could care less about either team but I despise the cocksucker Brady and am hoping he comes out with a career-ending injury so I never need to see his sorry puss again.

  5. Meow Meow

    I don’t think she’s into him anymore… Just a hunch… And why is he trying to grow a mullet? He’s probably a cry baby.

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