1. Mike

    That one tooth looks like it’s trying to get out of her mouth to get an education and better its life.

  2. reformed_druid

    I’m sorry but with the the amount of money he makes can’t he afford girls with less millage on them than these? They aren’t even that attractive, either one of them. With all the blow he’s doing, he ain’t getting it up anyway. I guess he’s just watching a private show of some kind.

  3. Anon

    Is it weird that I’ve noticed that every one of his porn stars sports the Victoria’s Secret Lacie thong? I didn’t know it was so popular in the porn industry; now I feel weird for having one.

  4. David

    You guys are nuts! Gigi Rivera is super hot. And as far as millage goes, I’d say it’s worth the trade of to find someone who as good in bed as she is. If you’ve seen her films, then you know Charlie Sheen is a god….. the bastard.

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