1. Oscar

    “I’d hit that. I’d hit that with a spoon, definitely”

  2. Even Giada wants to hit that and who can blame her?

  3. armo

    “Mine are nicer” she thinks to herself

  4. armo

    “Mine are nicer” she thinks to herself. But that ass, oh that ass….

  5. Josephus

    My head just exploded. And then my brain exploded.

  6. Hmm, they wouldn’t happen to have any of the wrestling outfits left from the other day would they? Just asking.

  7. Frank Burns

    Programming on the Food Network takes an unexpected turn when “Giada At Home” features a week of recipes such as “Clams Menounos” and “Fish Tacos a la Maria”.

  8. Beautiful women. I’d love to be the meat in that sandwich.

  9. …she’s thinking about firing whichever one of her people thought it would be a good idea to have her stand next to this goddamn force of nature.

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