1. Motorboat Captain

    Looks like a makeup test for a zombie movie.

  2. Gwenwheefar

    He isn’t dying…he’s just exhausted from all the vagina…

    Sex burns calories! You’d lose weight, too, if you were getting it as often as he is.

  3. Ryna

    No, he’s fine. This is just how British people look.

  4. sid

    I don’t think he is attractive in the least.

  5. bdkitti

    What the hell happened? He was hot as balls in 300!?!

  6. ellen kent

    Gerard butler is still the handsomest man on this planet.He has just lost to much weight..

  7. anonymous love

    My gosh,this man is astonishing beautiful.He actually takes my breath awaY From my body.I just love that face of his.He was born to be a star.They could put his face on the screen and nothing eles and I could stare for hours.He just fascinates me .I don’t think there is a man that has ever been born that beautiful.He was meant to be a star.

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