1. Eh, that’s hardly a smoking gun. Maybe she was slipping back? Maybe she had a bee near her ass? Probably not but still… Besides, kids WILL tell.

    Didn’t Gavin have some 16 year old love child that Gwen found out about a few years ago. I guess he just wrote a check for that one?

  2. welldoneson

    She won’t be with this guy much longer anyway so it obviously doesn’t matter. Oldest kid is six, she spent about 5 1/2 of those years as a de facto single mom… do the math… and look into her past. You might, just might be able to figure out who the lucky guy is. Hint: he was hiding in plain sight until Spring 2007.

  3. Oh give me a break! That is hardly “ass grabbing”. She is carrying his child on her back and his is spotting her so that she does not lose balance.

  4. AG

    Looks like he’s got Soraya sis.

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