1. Jizzy

    I can’t stand that people like this are rewarded in this country. Why aren’t we hunting morons like this for sport?

  2. Obz

    What he said^^^^^^

  3. doodles

    Oh man, I think we should do as Jizzy said. Imagine having that mug mounted above some bar in the dirty southern states. He’s considered the size of a bear and he is a very stupid creature, wonder what he’d rank on the trophy scale!

  4. Flap

    Who the hell is this guy again, and why is he or teen mom even important.

  5. walken

    Normally it’s the client afraid of a dirty stripper.

  6. Chupacabra

    This was definitely his peak. Enjoy it, fattie.

  7. JimmyHat

    @Dr Ha-Ha “Worth his salt”!?!? LMFAOWTF, did you just scurvy walk off a pirate ship or a whaling vessel? Lame!

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